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New products and services:


bulletCSAS Document Hosting

Your staff and other concerned citizens will be able to review minutes, ordinances, and resolutions from any internet connection.  Click here to view a demo.


bulletCSAS Online Credit Card Payments for UBS

CSDC now offers the ability to accept online credit card payments for our Utility Billing System.  Customers can access their utility company's website and pay their bills online without having to leave home.


bulletThumbdrive Backup

CSDC can setup a thumbdrive to backup data from your computer by simply plugging it into your computer's ubs port.


bulletW2 and 1099 forms

Let us print your W2 and 1099 forms. Forget the problems of the past with getting and aligning forms. Let CSDC dial in retrieve your information, print your W2 and 1099 forms and mail the forms to you.


bulletCipherLab Handhelds for Meter Reading Entry

CSDC now offers the latest in meter reading entry with CipherLab handhelds.


bulletBuilding Permits Application

Enter and print all types of permits. Building Permits, Moving permits, Sign permits. All user defined.


bulletContractor's Licensing

Annual license billing and support for contractor's. Generates renewal letters, prints license and monitors past dues.


bulletDASD backup

CSDC will automatically backup your data from your computer to our computer each day, week, month depending a choice of plans.

For more information contact your sales representative at CSDC.



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