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CSDC is a growing business dedicated to providing value to customers by selling quality products at competitive prices and keeping an agenda on each of our customer accounts. By doing this, we hope to attract businesses who are interested in getting a technological edge through the computing industry.

CSDC has been committed to customer satisfaction since we opened in 1979. Our customers say that CSDC is excellent when it comes to quality of service, product reliability, and overall value provided.


Computer Systems Development Corporation was founded in 1979 with the intent of developing software for IBM computer systems. We are an independently owned corporation headquartered in Southwest Louisiana. CSDC employees have over 200 combined years experience in the computer industry,  in accounting, administration, programming and support backgrounds. In order to focus all of our resources to the business customer, we prefer to avoid marketing to "home-users".


We meet the needs of municipalities through personalized training and continued support. Our services include Microsoft networking, software training and support, information systems studies and business consulting, project management, maintenance agreements and hardware sales.




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