The Official Site of the City of Somewhere

This web-site is here to serve the citizens, and guests of the City of Somewhere, US. The information here will be updated on a regular basis with announcements and other events happening in and around Somewhere. City hall meeting agendas & minutes, city sign & zoning ordinances, the GIS and other useful information can also be found here.

Somewhere is a small city nestled in the foot hills of the Somewhere Mountains on the beautiful of Lake Somewhere. The people are friendly and organize lots of activities, including festivals and arts & crafts shows. There are plenty of trails for hiking and the views are breathtaking.  The City of Somewhere and the surrounding area has become the antique porcelain figurine Capitol of the World.  If it’s made of porcelain and it’s less than 3 inches tall, you’ll find it in Somewhere.

Somewhere is home to approximately 12,300 citizens, but the population nearly doubles during the porcelain season.