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CSAS-DOCMAN is a complete Document Management package. It operates as a standalone management system and is completely integrated with all CSAS applications. Imagine being able to scan a Drivers License and attaching it to an employee record or to a utility billing customer record. CSAS-DOCMAN allows you to do this and much more.  Documents that are scanned using a scanner as well as digital camera pictures, word documents, spreadsheets, and even reports printed from your CSAS applications can be stored in CSAS-DOCMAN.  Using CSAS-DOCMAN, CSAS Reports can be reprinted regardless of when the original report was generated from your CSAS application.  Document retrieval can be accomplished using data from your CSAS application (e.g. account #, vendor #, work order #, etc.) Or documents can be found by using a key word or phrase from the text of the document.




Capture reports from all CSAS applications (Accounting, Ad

Valorem, Business License, Building Permits, Ticket Tracker, Utility

Billing, etc).


Scan in documents using a high speed scanner and index by presetup document types.


Capture pictures from a digital camera and attach them to a utility

location or work order.


Documents and spreadsheets generated from other applications can

be indexed in the Document database.


Documents and reports can be OCR’ed which allows for a complete document word search.


Scanned documents can be stored in the universally accepted Adobe

PDF format.



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Document Database







Utility Billing Customer Document Interface


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