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CSAS/2 Cash Receipts(CR) provides a system where payments can be accepted for any and all aspects of the city’s revenue. It also accounts for these transactions automatically in the General Ledger as well as subsidiary ledgers in the following CSDC products: Utility
Billing System, Ad Valorem Tax, Occupational License, Accounts Receivable, and Police Ticket Tracker. Miscellaneous fees that have not been billed are easily accounted for in CSAS/2 CR as well.


The entry screen for CSAS/2 CR is designed to be a ‘cash register.’ All functions can be performed by using the keyboard and without the mouse. It allows for multiple methods of payments (check, cash, credit card) with every transaction. CSAS/2 CR produces a customer receipt at the point of sale.

With the end-of-the-day processing, registers are printed which detail the transactions received by clerk and by cash drawer. Reports are printed which record how the daily posting affected the General Ledger. It also prints a “daily balance sheet” for each cash drawer, so that the operators and manager can document and “sign off” that each cash drawer was in balance. CSAS/2 CR even prints the daily bank deposit slip.

CSAS/2 CR integrates with point-of-sale hardware such as cash drawers, receipt
printers, and barcode scanners.


Standard Reports


Customer Receipt


End of the Day Register (Cash Drawers)


End of the Day Register (GL Posting)


Cash Drawer Balance Sheet


Bank Deposit Slip





Screen shots

Receipt entry



Receipt totals


Daily balance report




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